Hop into Easter solar savings! – This promotion has now finished.  Please contact us about our latest red hot solar deals about to launch!

Our 8kw and 10kw solar systems utilising the best solar products in the world, have never been cheaper…  

Did you know that last year (2020) the average sized residential solar system we installed was between 8kw and 10kw? This has fast become our most common sized solar system due to a number of factors including future proofing your home for increased power usage in the future, the ability to be able to run larger appliances for virtually nothing that have big energy usage such as air conditioning units, pool pumps and pool heating, planning to add battery storage at a later date and also planning to purchase an electric car in the future.

When you factor all the above in, you need to be looking at an 8kw solar system as the minimum and also potentially look at going to a larger system. To help make this as cost effective as possible and to celebrate the coming Easter holidays, you can now save thousands on a new 8kw or 10kw solar system from Keen 2B Green.  

The 8kw and 10kw systems in our promotion start from a very low $6,999 for 8kw and $7,999 for 10kw solar systems. Our systems can be priced up and designed with our range of world class solar products from REC, LG Electronics, Q Cells, Enphase, Fronius, SolarEdge and Tesla. For a full range of our products and solar systems, please see here.

All our high-quality solar systems are mounted to your roof with the smart looking All Black colour Clenergy roof racking system. This makes a huge difference to the finished system once on your roof.

You can have peace of mind with a quality installation done by Keen 2B Green’s in-house full time employed CEC accredited electricians and installers, complete with 10-year premium workmanship warranty. This year Keen 2B Green are celebrating 12 years in business and also have a full-time service department, we are here every step of the way for your solar journey from research, purchase and after sales support.

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Promotion Terms & Conditions.

  • Offer valid until Friday April 9th 5pm
  • Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer including discounts already offered on new solar systems.
  • Offer only valid on solar systems installed prior to April 30th.
  • 8kw solar system priced from $6,999 is base price including REC solar panels, Fronius inverter and installation on a tin roof.
  • 10kw solar system priced from $7,999 is base price including REC solar panels, Fronius inverter and installation on a tin roof.

Due to our long-standing presence in the solar industry, Keen 2B Green have a few key principles to the way we do business.

  1. Quality Solar Products

Keen 2B Green are committed to using only quality solar products in our system designs. High quality solar products perform better, are safer and last longer, offering our customers a far greater return on investment over time. However, we choose to supply quality over price not only for customer satisfaction, but also to ensure the longevity of the company. High quality products are far more reliable and are supported by long warranties from stable companies. The amount of post-sales support and servicing generated by cheap Chinese imported solar products will mount up, become unsustainable, and eventually businesses become unprofitable and fold.

  1. Quality Workmanship

As a trades service company, we have a duty of care to our customers to provide quality workmanship. A high-quality solar installation should not only look neat, it needs to be safe. Solar panels generate DC current, which when not correctly handled can be dangerous, and under extreme circumstances, even cause a house fire or electrocution. Keen 2B Green are committed to best practices and adhere to Clean Energy Council, manufactures and network regulations to ensure neat and safe installations for our customers.

  1. Customer Service & Professional Integrity

Keen 2B Green have maintained our excellent reputation over the years though exemplary customer service. Many consumers do not understand the level of post-sales support required in the solar industry. Flashy salesmen are often nowhere to be found once the deal has been signed. One-man bands offering cheap unsustainable pricing have limited resources to help when things go wrong, and it’s the customer who loses out. Ultimately, Keen 2B Green are committed to do the right thing by our customers and will be there to continually support them in the future. All our installations come with a ten-year workmanship warranty.

  1. Value for Money

Our pricing represents excellent value for money with high quality products and components, quality workmanship and a commitment to customer service and post-sales support, all at a fair price. Our consultancy team are also instructed to only recommend what is in your best interests, with customer wellbeing at heart.