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When you choose a Fronius inverter for your home, you are taking control of your home’s energy now and into the future. Having a Fronius Solar System means that not only can you save a significant amount of money, or become energy independent. You are also choosing solutions that are built to provide you the tools to contribute to an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.





A Good Investment Requires a Reliable, Long-Lasting Solution


It makes no sense to commit your valuable financial resources to a long-term solar system investment with materials and components that aren’t built to go the distance.

Fronius inverters are put through rigorous testing which goes well above industry standard. As a result, our inverters are designed to last up to 20 years at high performance.

Fronius GEN24 Inverter Durability
Fronius GEN24 Inverter Active Cooling

Fronius Remains an Active Cooling Pioneer for Maximum Performance & Durability


It is essential for electrical components to remain cool if they are to perform at their maximum capacity over a prolonged period of time. This is why all of your most common electrical devices like your laptops, computers and phones use some sort of active cooling function to increase performance and longievity.

Our Fronius inverters are no different. With our well-renowned active cooling system, your Fronius inverter will remain cooler ever in harsh environments to maximise output and minimise the need for servicing and support.


High Performance even with Shading 


Fronius inverters all come equipped with our revolutionary Dynamic Peak Manager feature will allows the inverters to operate optimally even when faced with shading situations.

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Fronius Dynamic Peak Manager Shade Management


Fronius Wattpilot Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

Enabling you to Utilise 100% Renewable Energy


Fronius doesn’t just stop at inverters. To ensure you can embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, we also have developed solutions that allow you to do even more with your generated solar power.

If you’re looking to become more energy indepedent, our latest inverters are capable of connecting with a battery storage system. If you’re wanting to use your surplus energy around your home, you can install a Ohmpilot to heat your water. Or as EVs are becoming more popular you can install a Fronius Wattpilot to charge your car.



Sustainability is at the Heart of Everything We Do


Our vision, 24 hours of sun, represents to us a world where renewable energy powers 100% of the world’s energy needs.

That is why sustainability is a driving factor in all the decisions we make regarding our business practices. This means that all of our production facilities use over 80% renewable energy, we incorporate raw recycled materials, prioritise sea and land freight over air and produce long-lasting systems to reduce waste as just a few examples of our commitment to the environment.

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Fronius Solar Inverter Residential PV Home

It’s No Coincidence that Fronius is Australia’s Favourite Inverter


With now over 500,000 inverters installed in homes and businesses across Australia and New Zealand over the past 10 years, it is a testiment to the level of trust the Australian & New Zealand communities & installers place in our brand, products and values.

When you install your system with Keen 2B Green, a Fronius Solutions Partner Plus, you also are given exclusive access to 10 years Fronius Warranty Plus.







Fronius GEN24 Solar Inverter

GEN24 & GEN24 Plus – Designed to Empower

Our brand new GEN24 inverter gives you the power to take control of your energy with market leading performance and durability. Importantly, it is able to give you access to back up power even without a battery through our innovative PV point feature.

To embrace full energy independence, a simple software upgrade can turn your GEN24 into a GEN24 Plus Hybrid inverter which gives you the ability to connect a DC battery solution to your home. 

The beauty of the GEN24 is that it caters to your needs, no matter what stage you are on in your solar journey. This means you can save on upfront costs if you aren’t quite ready for batteries, but can be ready for them when the time is right. 


GEN24 /GEN24 Plus Primo (Single-Phase) Datasheet

GEN24 Plus Symo (Three-Phase) Datasheet


Fronius SnapINverter Solar Inverter


Our SnapINverter has been powering Australian homes and businesses since 2013 and has not missed a beat. Known as the ever-reliable & powerful workhorse of solar inverters, our SnapINverter range provides you with a robust inverter that will continue to generate power for years to come. 

SnapINverter Primo (Single-Phase) Datasheet

SnapINverter Symo (Three-Phase) Datasheet

SnapINverter Eco Datasheet


Fronius Tauro Commercial Inverter  

Tauro – Designed to Perform

Our brand new Tauro is the solution for large-scale PV systems. It is a robust inverter that makes large commercial PV systems more cost-effective through its high flexibility in system design and minimal system operating costs. Designed to weather environmental conditions like direct sunlight and even extreme heat, it’s active cooling technology still allows for maximum power and yields.


Tauro Direct Datasheet

Tauro Pre-combined Datasheet