Thursday 5th August 2021

Keen 2B Green has achieved the top prize again and been awarded the Queensland Solar Dealer of the Year for 2020 by LG Solar who are a division of LG Electronics.

This is a back to back achievement, with the company also taking out the title the previous year in 2019.

The awards are given out in recognition of outstanding sales, customer service, quality installations and contribution to LG Solar.  Keen 2B Green’s Managing Director Daniel Shelfer said, “From the company’s inception back in 2009, we have focussed purely on the quality aspect of solar products and solar installations. LG has been an integral and key part of what we do and believe when we are supplying the very best solar solutions for our customers. We have many repeat customers coming back and requesting the same LG solar panel brand for their 2nd and 3rd solar installations. This was really evident on a large commercial 330kw system we recently installed for a previous customer taking their existing combined solar array up towards half a megawatt of LG solar panels on their roof”.

Keen 2B Green has been an LG partner and dealer for 8 years now and the current range of LG panels we stock include the 385w NeON H, 360w NeON Bifacial, 370w NeON Black, 380w NeON R models and the LG Mono X 370w.  In the commercial range we stock the 72 cell LG NeON H 450w.Please contact Keen 2B Green on 1300 303 783 or email: to get all the latest information on the LG solar panel range along with pricing and a free tailored solar return of investment report for your home or business.

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