Powering your home using solar in Brisbane has become more and more common and can make you considerable savings on your power bill, however, If you’ve installed solar and still find yourself paying more on your electricity bill than what you anticipated, you can always save more by reducing your energy consumption.

Here are some ways through which you can save energy at home.

  • We understand how sweltering the heat can be in Brisbane, but you can save by using fans instead of your trusty air conditioner. Your AC consumes far more electricity and thereby increases your overall consumption. If you must use your AC, then set the temperature to 26°C and consider pre cooling rooms during solar production times.
  • Brisbane is a climate of extreme temperatures. Moderate your power consumption by cooling the house with natural air flow. Open and shut windows and doors depending on the outside temperature.
  • Similarly, it is a common practice among homes to keep certain items that aren’t being used plugged in — such as mobile phone and laptop chargers. Unplug these items from the energy source as they can still consume energy when even when you are not using them, as long as they are plugged in.
  • On a similar note, ensure that you switch off appliances when you are not using them. This includes your sound system that is usually connected to the television, which most people forget to switch off even when they are not listening to music or watching their shows.
  • Solar in Brisbane can also be maximised by using LED lights instead of normal light bulbs. LED lights consume less energy than traditional light bulbs. Likewise, you should also turn them off when you are not using them. As much as possible, use natural lightning during daytime so you can save on energy as well.
  • You can also save energy in the kitchen. To do so, see where you can save power. You can do this by ensuring your fridge seals are tight so your refrigerator door is firmly closed, by covering pans and pots while you’re cooking to reduce cooking time, and waiting until the dishwasher is full before you power it on for a load.
  • To further save energy using solar in Brisbane, you can apply several power-saving techniques when washing your clothes. First, do not use hot water for washing. Instead, use cold water. Next, do not use your dryer. If it is a sunny day, then bring your washed clothes outdoors and hang them on a clothesline. You can even make this into a fun activity with your kids. Next, some people with top loading machines run a laundry load while they are still putting dirty clothes into the washing machine. Never do this. Instead, put in all your dirty clothes into the machine, before you actually switch it on.
  • Environmentalism and energy saving is a big deal today, so apply these simple steps on your home by optimising your energy use with solar in Brisbane.
  • You can also save energy when you shower — provided you use less hot water. If you want to enjoy a hot shower, then try to have one in four minutes, then run the rest of your shower in lukewarm water.
  • Finally, use insulation in your home. Insulation will keep your home cool during summer months, and warm during winter.

These are just some of the practical ways through which you can save energy in your Brisbane home. You can up the ante by purchasing energy-saving appliances, such as using converters and LED lights whenever applicable. You can also look into using gas ovens and cooktops, as using gas may be cheaper than using electric versions.

The more Energy that can be supplied by a solar system in Brisbane the better, and it’s not difficult to maximise — the best results are achieved when you see which items you would normally run during the evening and try to run them during daytime hours. Only use what you essentially need during night time – Or consider adding some battery storage. Just remember, you can opt to use ceiling fans during daytime instead of air-conditioning, or to open your windows to let cool air in in the evening.

You can also cut back on the unnecessary appliances that you always keep plugged in — like your chargers. Likewise, always turn off appliances when you’re not actually using them — such as your printer, scanner, or computer. Turning them off can save on energy and keep you from having an inflated energy bill.

Affordable power that runs on solar in Brisbane is attainable. Know your priorities, and stick to it. In no time, you’ll see how a decrease in your energy consumption and shrink your bill.