Solar energy is quickly gaining traction as a necessity in Australia. When it comes to choosing who installs your solar system in Brisbane, the choices can become confusing.

There are many companies that offer a diverse range of products and services, which can make choosing the right solar products and installer complicated. To make it easier for you, here’s everything you need to know about Keen 2B Green.

Keen 2B Green Pty Ltd is among South East Queenland’s most renowned solar companies. Established in 2009, Keen 2B Green provides solar and environmental solutions that cater to both residential units and businesses across the greater Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Northern New South Wales regions.

This local company has extensive experience in retailing and installing high quality solar power products, and use only the best brands in the industry. It is also renowned for providing topnotch solar systems in Brisbane paired with exquisite customer service and a friendly, personalised service that fits every customer’s needs and budget.

With its proven track record in providing service, Keen 2B Green harnesses its market experience to serve the best quality, most reliable, and the best solar products in the market. It gives its clients peace of mind that they can save in the long run with a reputable solar system. It also advises potential clients with the latest information on State and Federal Government Solar rebates and incentives to help clients save more by making more informed decisions.

To provide customised service, a Keen 2B Green consultant will inspect your property for solar suitability. You will be advised on the best solar systems in Brisbane, particularly on financial returns you may expect, together with your system performance estimates, honest advice, and information.

When it comes to solar installation, Keen 2B Green has very strict procedures to ensure that all our workmanship is completed to a high standard using high quality components. Likewise, the company is dedicated to having a long and sustainable future in the solar industry, so it works closely with partners and manufacturers to further strengthen its position in the market.

Similarly, when it comes to solar packages, Keen 2B Green offers a complete 10-year workmanship warranty for peace of mind, to complement your solar system, designed for your home’s energy needs and budget. We carry high quality products such as those from leading solar brands LG Energy, Q Cells, REC, Fronius, Solar Edge, Enphase and Tesla Powerwall among others, ensuring that you have among the best performing and competitively priced solar systems in Brisbane.

As was mentioned above, Keen 2B Green provides services that are tailored to your needs and budget. A dedicated solar consultant will assess your current consumption and future electricity needs, and can recommend a system tailored to the features you want and need to optimise self consumption. Your solar system will also include different solar monitoring capabilities and you can select from a range of high performance panels for limited roof space and optimised systems for shade effected roofs.

What’s more, Keen 2B Green has a customer referral program that can give you good returns just for recommending solar panels to your friends. By referring a friend, not only will they receive a discount for going solar, but you will also be rewarded, meaning more savings!

Selecting who installs your solar systems in Brisbane is clearly a big decision, which is why you should thoroughly research and products and installers you are considering, not rush your decision and carefully think things through. You need to find a service provider who can give you topnotch services without compromising the quality of the products. At the same time, you need a service provider you can trust not to give you the short end of the stick just because you are unfamiliar with the industry jargons and sales catch phrases being throwing around.

That being said, you can trust Keen 2B Green to provide you with high quality solar systems in Brisbane with your budget and needs in mind. Our solar consultants are extremely knowledgeable, and will only suggest a product that is in your best interests, and offer you competitive pricing on leading brands — you can rest assured that the solar system you choose for your home is what you need and has been tailored to your actual energy consumption and budget.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of going solar for you and your family, enquire today at You can also call us on 1300 303 783 and see what our solar experts will recommend for you. You’re guaranteed to have one of the highest quality solar systems in Brisbane soon.