The solar division of LG Electronics recently developed a new 320W NeON 2 module which will be launched in Australia in August 2015 and will also be exhibited at All Energy in late 2015.

The new NeON 2 won the highly thought off Intersolar award in the Photovoltaics (PV) category for its new generation NeON 2 solar panel with the unique Cello technology. This win follows the 1st LG Intersolar Award for the original NeON module in 2013.

At the Intersolar 2015 in Munich, Germany attended by the solar industry’s brightest and showcasing the latest innovations the jury was impressed by the NeON panels improved efficiency and extreme low temperature efficiency at -0.38%.

In the new NeON 2 twelve (12) thin wire busbars replace the conventional solar module’s 3 to 4 soldered busbars. This Cello technology adds more output and also increases the reliability of the module. At 1640 x 1000 mm and weighing only 17kg, the 60 cell module offers a peak output of up to 320 Watt.

Additionally, the LG NeON 2 is more durable than its predecessor. The front panel can withstand 6.000 Pascal (Pa) of mechanical strength, an increase of 11% and the durability of the back of the panel has also been increased by more than 100% to 5.400 Pa. This makes the NeON 2 one of the most robust, wind load resistant panels on the market.

The reinforced design of the module comes hand-in-hand with an extended product warranty. Instead of ten years, consumers will now receive a total of 12 years warranty, including labour with the LG NeON 2.

The annual degradation has also been reduced to a maximum of 2% in the first year and not more than 0.6% in the following 24 years. This means that users will still receive at least 83.6% of the initial output after 25 years, as opposed to 81.2% from previous generations NeON.

The LG NeON 2module now also comes in full black with an output peak of 300 Watt and a weight of only 17kg.

“Our original Mono X NeON module impressed many customers in Australia for its high output at a fair price ever since it won the Intersolar Award in 2013, “says Markus Lambert, National Sales Manager, LG Solar. “The latest generation has now set the bar even higher. We are very pleased that the jury recognised our continuous innovation efforts by awarding us this prestigious prize.”

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