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The TESLA Powerwall retrofit solution has arrived in Australia!
+ 7 ways to maximise your solar investment

It’s Helena from Keen 2B Green with our latest Solar News.

A common misconception from our prospective customers is that since the reduction in feed in tariffs, solar just isn’t worth it. However, with the right advice and with the initial cost of installing solar at an all time low there are still excellent savings to be made. The difference is simple, now the more solar power you can use, the more you can save. With some electricity companies still offering up to 11 cents for a feed in tariff, and with electricity prices predicted to rise each year, the sooner you can install your solar system the better. And by following our simple advice, 7 ways to maximise your solar savings , the average household is predicted for to achieve a 4-5 year payback date, offering an exceptional financial rate of return, with many businesses exceeding that figure.

All our consultants are able to provide complimentary solar performance estimates with estimated financial returns, so if you’d like to find out how much you could save with a particular sized system, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our latest special is designed for medium energy usage and includes 3.99kW of LG Mono X Solar Panels and a Fronius Primo 3.5kW inverter. Features of the Fronius Primo also include sophisticated solar production monitoring. This is extremely limited due to the number of 3.5kw Fronius inverters we have available. Read more about our special here

TESLA Powerwall – Arriving on the docks

With the first containers of TESLA Powerwall’s due to arrive in Brisbane in late May, the exciting promise of greater independence from electricity companies and grid is closer than ever. In earlier newsletters we’ve discussed inverter compatibility, but what many consumers (and solar installers) don’t know is that in order to install a TESLA Powerwall, you need to purchase it through an authorised TESLA Powerwall reseller & installer, so beware unauthorised of companies offering installation, as your warranty may be void.

TESLA Powerwall retrofit solution is here!

On the topic of compatibility, earlier in the year SMA announced an exciting new battery inverter which will provide an easy and cost effective integration of the TESLA Powerwall and other high voltage battery solutions to any string inverter. The SMA SunnyBoy Storeage is the retrofit solution everyone has been waiting for and should become available over the coming months. The battery inverter is coupled with an existing string inverter on the AC side and acts as an interface between the string inverter and any battery. With only indicative pricing confirmed, however, for the time being for new solar installations your most cost effective battery management system for the TESLA Powerwall will still be the SolarEdge Inverter (Either the hybrid solution or combined with the StoreEdge device) for single phase power, or the Fronius Symo Hybrid for Three Phase Power.

 New – 15 Year Warranty on all Solar Mounting Systems!

In final news, Keen 2B Green are please to announce our new solar roof mounting partner, Radiant. A premium solar mounting system which includes specifically designed bracketry for all roof types, Radiant solar mounting systems include a 15 year product warranty against defects. Radiant’s portfolio includes robust ground mounting systems and this brilliant design, the Solar Car Port – designed in modules for two or more car spaces (POA).