Solar Calculators

Use these helpful calculators from LG Energy’s solar division.

  • Use the Electricity Price Rise Impact Calculator to analyse the impact of future electricity price rises and what that might mean for you and your family’s electricity bill.
  • Use the Solar System Output Calculator to find out how much power the amount of local sunlight in your area is likely to generate depending on what size solar system you have installed.
  • The Solar Roof Size Calculator can help you estimate how many panels you can fit on your roof. This should be used as a guide only. Fill out an enquiry form and one of our consultants can prepare you a complimentary solar panel layout and performance estimates as part of our service.
  • Use the Solar Savings & Payback Calculator to determine how much money you could save by installing a solar system, based on your lifestyle and the amount of solar power you will consume or export.
  • Talk to our consultants about how to use our Solar Income & ROI Calculator, where you can compare the performance of a high quality solar system vs a cheaper system. To make this comparison, you will need to know the degradation rate of the panel, and solar panel performance data. Our high performance LG Neon solar panels have been know to produce up to 12 % more power (in a Watt for Watt comparison) than other solar panels in a under test conditions.


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