Micro Inverters & Optimised Systems


Every day solar systems installed with a string inverter have one major flaw. The “string” implies that all panels are linked together as a daisy chain. Sounds OK? Except for one thing. The performance of every panel is linked, meaning you’ll only ever get as much power as the worst performing panel. The answer? Optimisers or Micro Inverters.


Optimised and Micro Inverter systems can overcome most of the performance and design limitations of string inverters, particularly issues such as partial shade, soiling or a fault in a single panel or complex array’s where a range of panel orientations might be required.


This is achieved by monitoring the individual performance of each module in the array with the ability to isolate a poor performing panel, protecting the system from the adverse effects and maximising solar yield.


Our micro and optimised inverter solutions are both compatible with specific battery storage solutions.


An optimised system uses DC optimisers underneath each panel and still sends DC current to a single certalised inverter to convert power into safe useable current. Keen 2B Green recommends Solar Edge for an optimized inverter system, which is compatible with the TESLA Powerwall Battery Storage.


Rather than linking panels together on a string and sending AC current down to a centralised inverter which converts AC power into usable DC current, Micro inverters are basically a tiny inverter which attaches under or near the panel and converts the current at the source, meaning more power, and greater performance from the system. Keen 2B green recommend Enphase Micro Inverters, which are compatible with the Enphase AC Battery as part of the Enphase Home Energy Solution