Smart Storage With Reposit Power

Keen 2B Green are an Accredited Partner of Reposit Power and are authorised to distribute and install the Reposit Power meter and software solution.

For many consumers, the two major objections for installing a solar and battery storage system, such as the TESLA Powerwall or LG Chem are return on investment for the battery and the low feed in tariff for solar. Reposit power seeks to empower your solar + battery system to make it smarter, more responsive and communicate with the grid in order to make you savings.

A standard solar and battery system’s brain power is limited. Reposit’s software is designed to learn, adapt and predict your energy usage to get the most out of your solar system, with the ultimate goal to save more on your bills.  Reposit monitors and reacts to the energy market and can sell your power back to the grid when prices are highest. That means on average, your battery could be paid off in half the time using Reposit Power’s Smart Technology!


Keen 2B Green Solar Specialists -Reposit power grid credits software


How does it work?

“Reposit Learns something new every day, It’s an intuitive system that works to lower your electricity bill”

Reposit is designed to monitor and interpret your energy consumption patterns and react and adapt accordingly. It learns your daily routines over time and how they relate to your energy use, and can charge and discharge your battery accordingly. You might be wondering how this differs from normal energy use? With Reposit, the system knows if it’s economically efficient to to charge the battery from off peak power over night, meaning if you’ve drained your battery overnight and have nothing left for the morning, it will charge enough to complete your routine, maximising your ‘Off Grid’ time.

What does Reposit do?

  • Monitor and adapt to consumption patterns in the household
  • Charge the battery during off peak times when economically prudent
  • Monitor the energy market for times when electricity will be paid for at a premium price
  • Dispatch your stored power to the grid for “GridCredits” – far more generous than a feed in tariff


“Now you can power through, whatever the weather”

The reposit system has been designed so that it never stops learning. It’s intelligent algorithms can even predict a weather event in your area which might prevent normal battery charging via your solar system. Reposit will then intervene, and charge your battery from off peak power, lowering your overall costs.

Claim GridCredits for better returns

“Earn Grid Credits and Save Hundreds on your energy bill”

The deregulation and reduction of solar feed in tariffs has been one of the biggest factors driving resentment towards the grid. On average customers receive between 0-6 cents for their excess solar power. It’s true that at times your power is quite valuable but generally, during peak solar production times it’s not. Reposit is a creative solution which can identify times where energy companies are struggling to keep up with the demand, and can sell and dispatch your power in exchange for “GridCredits” which are put towards lowering the cost of your energy bill. To access “GridCredits” you’ll need to be signed with a participating energy retailer such as Diamond Energy, Powershop or Simply Energy.

Monitor Your System & Battery Charging

“Monitor your energy usage from your phone”

Reposit power includes phone apps for both iOS and Android so you can monitor your system from your phone. The monitoring includes your solar, battery charging and real time notifications on any “GridCredits” event, where you’re being paid dollars, rather than cents for your excess power. The app also offers energy saving tips and how to best use your excess power.


Speed Up Your Battery’s Return On Investment

“Pay back your battery in a fraction of a time”

The Reposit Power solution is constantly learning ways to make your bill lower, and provide a better return on investment for your battery. Although reposit will add to the overall cost of your solar and battery system, the overall benefit will quickly outweigh the additional cost. – Reposit’s typical customer will pay off their battery in half the time.

Which Batteries are compatible with Reposit Power?

Keen 2B Green can install the reposit power solution with most solar and battery systems using LG Chem RESU 6.4 kW or the TESLA Powerwall.

If you’re considering installing a solar system with battery storage, then look no further than Keen 2B Green, your solar specialists in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Reposit Power is now available from Keen 2B Green – Enquire today.

Who is Reposit’s typical customer?

A working family on a Time-Of-Use tariff, with a moderate to high peak tariff on a compatible GridCredits energy plan. Results will vary based on a variety of geographic, behavioural and economic factors.