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REC Solar Panels installed by Keen 2B Green

More than one million Australians are now using solar power, and if you’re ready to go solar too then Keen 2B Green has the solar panels you need to start converting energy from the sun into big savings on your electricity bills.

Solar power will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but surplus energy can be sold back to the grid; a dozen solar panels can generate more than enough electricity to power your home. Keen 2B Green stocks a big range of all the best solar panels on the market, from trusted names including LG, Q Cells and REC.  All Keen 2B Green solar modules are classified as top tier panels, so you can be sure you are getting the best quality panels available. We even stock Australia’s most efficient panel, the LG NeON panel which will produces more power and uses less space than any other panel available on Australian market.

We can advise you on the latest State and Federal Government rebates and incentives for investing in solar, and if you want your system installed we have expert teams who can do that as well.

So when you’re ready to go solar, we’ve got everything you need at Keen 2B Green, South East Queensland’s solar specialists.


LG NeON Solar Panels installed by Keen 2B Green

LG Solar Panels

LG has been manufacturing electrical goods since the 1950’s and have the most stringent quality control procedures when manufacturing their solar cells and solar modules.

The LG laboratory is certified as a Photovoltaic testing laboratory by TUV and UL – the only solar manufacturer who has been given this certification allowing them to test other manufacturer’s solar power products to ensure that they are to standard. This is proof that the LG manufacturing and testing facilities are one of the world’s best.

LG’s panels are vertically manufactured–meaning that LG undertakes all aspects of manufacturing, from silicon production to solar module assembly, and is serious about being in the solar game for the long-term: parent company LG Electronics has acquired more solar-related patents (172) between 2009 and 2011 than any other solar panel manufacturer. This sort of dedicated research and development is another indicator of the likelihood of the company’s being around in 25 years’ time to service warranties.

LG signs off on every cell.  Each solar cell in each solar module is individually checked for integrity and stamped with the LG logo, so customers know they can rely on their modules to perform over the course of their expected working lives

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LG Neon Solar Panels

The new, premium NeON 2 panels are one of the most efficient solar panels on today’s market, optimising roof space and producing more electricity than standard mono-crystalline modules.

Choosing the premium and efficient NeON 2 panels by LG, can over the years save you money on your electricity bills and installation cost, when compared with a standard solar panel.

The NeON not only generates solid electricity output, but with their black anodised frame also win in stylish appearance. If you are seeking a premium solar product the LG NeON 2 panels are for you.

The NEW GEN 5 LG NeON 2 panels are available in 335w and 320w BLACK (Totally black)!  And the best thing about them is they are they same size as a standard 250w solar panel!   They are ideal if you a have a shortage of roof space and trying to extract maximum output.

LG solar panels come with an industry leading 25 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty held here in Australia by LG Electronics.

REC Peak Energy Solar Panels

REC (Renewable Energy Corp) was established in 1996 and its Headquarters are based in Oslo, Norway. November 2010, REC opened its new state of the art full automated, integrated wafer, cell and module plant in Tuas, Singapore.

Currently REC has the 8th largest market share out of all panel manufacturers.

REC, being a fully integrated panel manufacturer means they make every component for their solar panels from the polysilicon, wafers, cells to the modules themselves, none of the whole process is outsourced.

Ongoing field testing of 46 solar module brands during all seasons and light conditions by Photon Magazine during 2011 determined REC solar panels to be the best performing panel; generating 6 percent more electricity on average than the other polycrystalline, monocrystalline and thin film panels tested.

The REC Peak Energy solar panel series were also nominated for 2010’s coveted Intersolar Photovoltaic’s Award and won the Solar Industry Award for Module Innovation, presented by Solar PV Management Magazine, in August 2010.

REC solar panels have an exceptional temperature co-effcient of 0.40% which means they will outperform most other panels in hot conditions. They also have 4 bypass diodes instead of the standard 3 diodes to combat shade and low light.

REC solar modules, if installed by Keen 2B Green include an industry leading 12 year product warranty, instead of the normal 10 year industry standard warranty.  They also come with a 25 year linear performance warranty.

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Why choose us?

Keen 2B Green is one of South East Queensland’s leading solar energy companies, specialising in solar and environmental solutions for homes and businesses across the greater Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Northern New South Wales regions.

A local company with many years experience, we use only top quality products from leading brands and reputable manufacturers. And we pride ourselves on our customer service and friendly, personalised advice. We use our extensive market experience to select only the best and most reliable solar products to ensure you enjoy total peace of mind with your solar system for many years to come.

When you contact us, one of our consultants will come and inspect your property for solar suitability, and provide you with performance estimates and figures on financial returns that your solar system may deliver. And if you require installation, our expert teams guarantee quality workmanship, using only the best quality components.

Keen 2B Green is committed to a sustainable long-term solar industry in Queensland and Australia-wide, and we’re working closely with the best wholesale partners and manufacturers in the industry to make solar affordable for everyone who’s keen to be green.


Canadian Solar Panels installed by keen 2B Green

Go solar and save

Ready to reduce your electricity bills and your greenhouse emissions? Then contact us today and go solar! To find out more, just fill out our online enquiry form or give us a call on 1300 303 783. We’re South East Queensland’s solar specialists, and our friendly team are here to help you save.


REC Solar Panels installed by Keen 2B Green