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providing solar panels to Gold Coast

One of the reasons it’s called the Gold Coast is because of its golden sun-drenched beaches; a natural resource that’s not only beautiful, but one that can save you money as well. With around 300 days of sunshine a year, the Gold Coast is the ideal place for solar power and Keen 2B Green has South East Queensland’s solar needs all wrapped up.

Over a million Australians already use solar and if you like the idea of producing your own energy from sunshine and even selling it back to the grid, we have the solar system to suit your household and your budget.

Keen 2B Green stocks a big range of the best solar panels on the market, plus quality inverters and everything you need to get you up and running in no time. Our consultants can customise a system that will offset your power usage, and we can even install your system for you, with a team of CEC qualified electricians and expert fitters just a phone call away. So if you live on the Gold Coast and you’re ready to go solar, get in touch with Keen 2B Green, South East Queensland’s solar specialists.

Why Keen 2B Green is the right choice

Keen 2B Green is one of the leading solar energy companies in South East Queensland, specialising in domestic and commercial solar and environmental solutions across the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions.

We’re a local Australian company with decades of experience in solar power and we supply and use only quality products from trusted manufacturers to ensure you enjoy total peace of mind with your solar system.

When you contact us, a Keen 2B Green consultant will come to your property and inspect it for solar suitability. They will also provide you with performance estimates and figures on expected financial returns and if you need installation, they’ll organise that for you as well.

At Keen 2B Green, we’re committed to a sustainable long-term solar industry in Queensland and we’re working with industry leaders to make solar affordable for everyone who’s keen to be green. So if you’re tired of paying too much for your electricity, get in touch with us today and let us help you make the switch to clean, green solar power.

Are you ready to start saving?

If you want to pay less for your energy and reduce your carbon footprint, now’s the time to switch to solar. Keen 2B Green can advise you about the best system for your home or business and what government incentives and rebates are available. To find out more, fill in our online enquiry form or call us on 1300 303 783. Our advice is obligation-free, so have a chat with one of our friendly team today.