Get $2000 off a new Tesla Powerwall with Keen 2B Green and Simply Energy with a Virtual Power Plant Energy Plan.

Take your home energy to the next level and get more out of a Tesla Powerwall from Keen 2B Green by joining Simply Energy’s VPP energy plan. A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a network of connected home solar and battery systems that together support the electricity grid. 




We have partnered up with Simply Energy to make the cost of a Tesla Powerwall so much more affordable with up to $2250 in credits. For more information, please full out the form below and / or click the link below.

Yes, I’m interested in the $2000 credit towards a new Tesla Powerwall Simply Energy Promotion


Am I eligible?

Credits are only made available if – at all times during the Access Benefit Period – you:

  • are a resident in Queensland and New South Wales
  • have in the last 30 days or are in the process of having a Tesla Powerwall installed at your premises by Keen 2B Green
  • have a smart meter installed at your premises or agree to have one installed
  • have an available, continuous and reliable internet connection


For more information please visit

You can view the full eligibility criteria within the terms and conditions